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Few complaints about EVMs in Goa

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Unlike Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, there were few complaints of tampering of EVMs in Goa. This is probably because in goa, VVMs were installed by the election commission for all polling booths along with the EVM. A print out of the vote cast was visible to the voter to prevent any dispute . So even though the memory of the EVM could be tampered in goa like elsewhere, tampering the paper slips would be a more difficult task. Hence in goa, though the BJP was expected to win a majority or highest number of seats, it did not, because the tampering mastermind realized it may be detected if the voting slips were counted.
Initially results in goa were expected by 11.30 am , however in on 11 March 2017, actually results were announced only around 4-5 pm as the VVM were also counted.

Realizing that tampering EVMs would be more difficult in future in India, once the VVM with printout were installed all over india , it appears that some over smart ntro employee decided that the 2017 elections could be the last major opportunity to win elections using EVM tampering.

So most of the complaints of EVM tampering were mainly from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab where the VVM were not installed