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Amazon India focussing on home products instead of electronics

The media reported that Amazon India was focussing more on home products compared to electronic items, because the risk of fraud in non electronic items is far less. Electronics are mainly ordered by young people who are often unethical due to widespread rot in indian society, they have no qualms committing fraud and reselling the electronic items.

On the other hand, the home products are ordered by more serious buyers, who require them for their home use. In the last few years, the amount of home and garden related products has increased greatly at amazon, and many of these products are not available at Flipkart and other indian ecommerce websites.

Compared to Amazon, Flipkart appears to have a better network with indian intelligence and security agencies, so Amazon is more likely to be affected by electronic item fraud. At times, the local officials will intentionally harass those who buy from amazon, so it is better to diversify into products which are not easily available at Flipkart and other websites.

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