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Amazon India focussing on home products instead of electronics

The media reported that Amazon India was focussing more on home products compared to electronic items, because the risk of fraud in non electronic items is far less. Electronics are mainly ordered by young people who are often unethical due to widespread rot in indian society, they have no qualms committing fraud and reselling the electronic items.

On the other hand, the home products are ordered by more serious buyers, who require them for their home use. In the last few years, the amount of home and garden related products has increased greatly at amazon, and many of these products are not available at Flipkart and other indian ecommerce websites.

Compared to Amazon, Flipkart appears to have a better network with indian intelligence and security agencies, so Amazon is more likely to be affected by electronic item fraud. At times, the local officials will intentionally harass those who buy from amazon, so it is better to diversify into products which are not easily available at Flipkart and other websites.

Digital set top box for TV hacked

On one hand set top boxes for TVs are becoming compulsory, however increasingly hacking of the set top box is becoming a major problem. On 20 June 2017, in panaji, goa , almost no TV channels were working, all of them showed Rs sign to indicate that they were paid, when they are usually free.
The only channel that was working was Naaptol, and that too in Kannada only.
On 21 June 2017, the problem has worsened , and no television channel can be viewed in panaji, goa till 1.45 pm

Airborne machines, flying in air, design, prices

The force of gravity pulls everything down towards the earth, however there are many machines designed to overcome the force of gravity ranging from toy helicopters and planes, hot air balloons, drones, fighter jet planes to sophisticated satellites and space shuttles . The mechanism and design used by these machines to fly in air , defying the force of gravity varies . More information on the design and companies manufacturing different types of aircraft , why india is not able to develop any aircraft, and has to import from small countries like France, Italy

Tampering of demo EVM shown by AAP indicates manipulation

The election commission is now claiming that the demo EVMs used by AAP for showing tampering were not from the election commission, however it is indication of the high level of manipulation which is taking place in indian society. Those with power and money think that they can manipulate anything, and they will not be affected at all, caught or questioned.
For example since 2013, it has been impossible for a domain investor to use any spreadsheet on any laptop, because ntro employees are manipulating the data for fun and harassment, wasting the time and money of the domain investor. Simple addition cannot be carried out using the spreadsheets in the last few years, because of backdoors which only the ntro employees are aware of .
However the user is aware that the ntro employees are hacking, and can at least stop wasting time online

Microchip used for tampering with petrol pumps in Lucknow

The biggest disadvantage of using any electronics device is that it can be manipulated/hacked remotely. For example the design of the petrol pumps is not easily available like the electronic voting machine, yet it appears that devices have been developed for manipulating the petrol pumps according to media reports . The chip is installed at the petrol dispensing pumps and can be manipulated using a remote control by the petrol pump staff, operators. When a customer will pay for 1 l, 1000 ml of petrol , the device will manipulated the dispensing petrol pump so that only 950 ml petrol will be delivered.
Most car and other vehicle owners do not bother to check the exact volume of petrol which has dispensed by the petrol pump, allowing the petrol pump or at least its employees to make a good profit as the petrol not dispensed can be sold later, twice. Allegedly the chip has been detected at 7 petrol pumps in Lucknow, and the gang who installed it are claiming that it was installed on at least 1000 petrol pumps
This highlights that even sophisticated devices like petrol pumps can be easily manipulated by those who understand electronics well enough, without being detected.

Demonetization affecting electronics prices

Electronics prices have increased drastically after demonetization, indicating that black money played an important role in the indian economy. In fact the prices of almost all items of daily use like rice, clothes, have increased by 10-15% after demonetization, however the increase in electronic items prices have increased more far more rapidly compared to other items, with pen drive prices increasing by 50-70% for 8 gb pen drives , making them unaffordable for the indian citizen.
The foreign exchange rate of the dollar against the indian rupee has declined rapidly , however surprisingly the price of electronics, which is imported has increased rapidly . usually when exchange rate improves, the prices will decline, however in 2017, the prices are increasing
Only paper prices have decreased rapidly in 2017
Any information about the secret of rapidly increasing electronics prices will be greatly appreciated.

Election commission EVM hacking challenge not likely to be successful

Facing complaints the election commission has said that anyone can try to hack the electronic voting machine during a specified period in May 2017. However it is extremely unlikely that the opposition will be able to find any flaws in the EVM during the challenge period due to a number of reasons.
One of the main reasons is that indian opposition parties like AAP, BSP, Samajwadi party do not have a very good understanding of electronics at the senior level, they have not consulted any person who has practical experience in designing and developing electronic items like the EVM . Most indian citizens are not trained engineers, and even fewer citizens are experienced engineers who have developed electronic systems which are actually working. The opposition parties are not willing to accept the fact that they lack expertise and get the necessary help.
The second reason why the machines will not be hacked, is because the manipulation is likely to be due to poor quality control and systems by the election commission, when they are actually preparing the machines for election . The opposition is targetting the machines, when actually the manufacturing systems can be easily manipulated to favor a particular party

No takers for digital correction system

Running any online system is fairly complicated and difficult, which most people, especially the dishonest corrupt ntro, cbi employees refuse to admit, falsely claiming that an eighth standard pass housewife can manage complex systems.
In Maharastra , the government wanted digital correction of answer papers, they floated a tender, however those with experience, understood the problem and no one bid for the tender. The government again floated the tender, however the second time also , there was only 1 bidder. According to rules a winner bidder can be only selected when there are at least 3 bidders
It remains difficult to develop a tamper and hacker proof online system , electronics can be easily hacked, no one wishes to take the risk

Malfunctioning EVM in Bhind, MP

The media reported that when the election commission was giving a demo of the EVM in Bhind , MP , the printer linked to the EVM started printing BJP votes whichever button was pressed. As expected the opposition, led by AAP, created a lot of noise about the manipulation and tampering of the EVM, however other than suspending the officials involved, the election commission took no action.
Any engineer who has done any kind of microcontroller based programming is aware of the fact that any electronic device can be easily tampered , just changing the wiring or programming or even the sticker can change the results drastically
It appears that no major opposition leader in India has a degree in electronics and has done any microcontroller programmer so they are only making vague allegations without any concrete proof, and the election commission is also giving equally vague replies.

Google, tata sponsored Shivalli brahmin fraud R&AW employee housewife nayanshree hathwar boasts about file deletion

The election commission claims that the machines are tamper proof, however Google, tata sponsored Shivalli brahmin fraud R&AW employee housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar hs openly boasted about file deletion , her associates are deleting and modifying files on the laptop of a harmless obc single woman engineer whose btech 1993 ee degree , resume, investment the brahmin fraud falsely claims to have to get a monthly R&AW salary.
The shivalli brahmin R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar only has completed her bbm from bhandarkars college of arts and science in kundapura, udupi, karnataka, in 2005 according to a resume, she had provided in 2011, however the powerful fraud ntro employees led by the brahmin fraud puneet have stolen the impressive resume, savings of their female btech 1993 ee degree, a harmless single woman obc engineer for the brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, to get her a lucrative R&AW job with monthly salary, for career promotion and to destroy the finances and life of a google competitor .

The lazy mediocre brahmin fraud R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar has almost no work experience or savings of her own, however the crooked fraud tata, google,ntro employees falsely claim that the shivalli brahmin cheater housewife owns the investment of the obc engineer who she cheated , in a clear indication of the endless brahmin atrocities in India.

If AAP and other parties wish to find out about memory deletion, modifying they should contact the shivalli brahmin fraud R&AW employee bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar as her associates have deleted, modified many files of indian citizens to get their relative nayanshree a raw job